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We are Chalie

We are all Charlie.

They knew exactly where to hit: two braindead assholes slaughter 12 in the heart of French symbol of Liberté Voilà. Just like a Greek tragedy, we knew it was going to happen, and it just did. It’s been years now that Charlie Hebdo, a French weekly newspaper, has been threaten of death by all kinds [...]

espace Dali

Dali fait le mur, when Street art dances with Surrealism in Montmartre

If l’Espace Dali is France’s largest collection of pieces by the surrealist master, most Parisians do not even know about its existance. That may change with this surprising Street Art exhibition. What if Salvador Dali was still alive? Would he meet with the freshest Street Artists? and if he did, what would this encounter look [...]

Versailles confiscated

Versailles, the French monument where citizens have been deprived of their freedom of speech

Today, no one is allowed to give explanations within the Palace of Versailles, as a corporation of “guides” have finally managed to get a grasp on the French monument, in a rather hardcore way. Versailles… A name that conveys a flavor of opulence and style. But more than anything, it has a flavor of freedom [...]

bistro Poulbot

At le Bistro Poulbot, contemporary cuisine bumps into traditional French

In this little neighborhood venue, hidden in steep rue Lamarck behind Montmartre, chef Lorenzo Torrini fools around the codes of old French cuisine to enhance it. If Bistro Poulbot is called like this, it’s because it really is a little bistro, with its little counter and it’s blackboard menu swinging everywhere. In the dim red [...]


With Vieux Frères, Fauve’s human emotions blast the system

Suddenly, 5 kids launched a salvation bomb. With deep samples and bullet-speed incantations, Vieux Frères forces you to see beyond the Matrix and calls all of us to break free. Radical. The following chronicle might be slightly frustrating, as it is impossible to describe Vieux Frères without talking about the meaning of the lyrics, and [...]

Paris cabs

The Paris Taxi War: news from the front.

In an utterly corporatist France, where entrepreneurship and competition is locked by Kafkaesque regulations and powerful lobbies, the awful Paris cab thought he had won the war. Until VTC happenned… VTC? Véhicule de Tourisme avec Chauffeur, bien sûr!! That simply means cars with a chauffeur. The idea is since being a Taxi is a regulated [...]

Paris prostitution

French Congress tries to kill prostitution by ticketing clients

Since 1946, France has been having the weirdest relationship with prostitution. In a fairly naive move to end it, an array of virtuous politicians had a new law passed… which will make it even worse. Paris, 1900. The city is famous worldwide for its brothels, that range from run-down hotels garnis to exquisite palaces like [...]

Yodelice Square Eyes

Yodelice comes back with a soulful “Square Eyes”

After” Cardoid” in 2010 which shaked the French music scene, Maxim Nouchy, aka Maxim Nucci, aka Yodelice, strikes again with a new eerie album. It’s amazing how a Banlieusard, born in Créteil in the late 70s, can grasp the spirit of anglo-saxon music. Of course, Yodelice studied in London, and goes back to the UK [...]

Nansouty Fresh Mozzarella on pasta Risotto

Le nansouty, a genuine neighborhood restaurant and a hidden gem

As most tourists will focus on the south side of Montmartre, the north is attracting more and more amazing food talents. Opened in a former boulangerie on what used to be le village Ramey (a typical montmartre street covered with vegetable carriages back in the early 1900s), le Nansouty offers a choice of over 100 [...]

photo 2

the Tour Paris 13 makes Paris the world street art capital in October

With the energy of a little street art galerie of the 13th district, Galerie Itinerrance, a whole tower building has been given out to street artists before it gets tore down at the end of the month. A must-see. The question buzzing in Paris these days is “how long is the wait?”.  2 hours for [...]