Why hiring a local guide?

So, why not try a Montmartre tour?


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Ah Paris …

The City of Lights, the most visited city on the Planet, with over 28 millions visitors in 2010. Of course, its main attractions are famous, the Eiffel Tower, Notre-Dame, Montmartre… But everybody knows Paris is a huge labyrinth for the visitors who seeks History, art and culture. From the top of its hills to the darkest underground tunnels, in hidden courtyards or in forgotten official buildings, that’s where one can find all the real treasuries of Paris. Just like for the Everest or the Eldorado, a guide comes in handy when it comes to push doors, discover secrets, and get away of the flocks of tourists. That’s why hiring a guide, even just for short time, can totally enhance one’s feeling about Paris.


But why with a Parisian?

Well it is easy to discover the Latin Quarter with a New Yorker guide or to bike around following an entertaining British guide, or to hire a bored-to-death official guide in a museum. But did you ever want to know what it’s like to walk around Paris with a local, who is not only a witness of the City and its History, but also an actor of it? To get all the artistic and historical facts with phrases starting with « we » instead of « the French », to get fresh insights on Poilitics and culture, and to discover a bit of the underground hype of that city that very rarely let tourists see its real face?

Well if your answer is yes, and you and your family wants to join the adventure, you just arrived on the right website…