Paris with a Parisian is an association dedicated to convey a better understanding of the life and the sociology in Paris, and lift up the veil on its complex historical and artsy background.
As an association, all questions regarding life in Paris are absolutely free.
As an association, Paris with a Parisian is not in position to book hotels and transportation for you. If needed, Antoine can direct you towards a holiday planner.
If you are contemplating taking a tour, here are the different rates for your experience!


Half a day:
50€ per person (child 30€) with a minimum of 200 €


A whole day:
70€ per person (child 40€), with a minimum of 290 €


A night walking tour:
90€ per person (child 45€) with a minimum of 360 €


Food and lunch are not included. In the case of a full day, you do not have to stick with Antoine for lunch. But you can also invite him to share your meal… It’s up to you!


Transportation, Museums and Monuments are not included in the above prices.
For quality reasons, Antoine does not tour more than 8 persons.
Else he will start to look like a foreigner himself…



By hiring Antoine for a tour, all participants understand that they remain under their own responsibilities, and Antoine should not be held responsible of any issues due to walking, falling or sliding, or any thing happening during the walk.