What Else?

An Evening With a Parisian:
Depending on what you like,
Antoine takes you where it’s at Bars, Lounges, Shows, Restaurants, Festivals, etc.
Price: 10€ to prepare the evening and arrange the bookings. 150€ to show you around at night.


An Evening With More Parisians:
Always wondered what it was like to be with a foreign crowd?
Hang out with a bunch of people in Paris, most of them English speaking.
Price: depending on what is done.


Parisian Dining:
A 4 courses diner in a Paris apartment with a few English speaking Parisians. A must do.
Price: 55€ pp with a minimum of 150€


Day Trips:
Chantilly, Versailles, Normandy, Chartres, etc. Do not hesitate to grab a Parisian and go see these provincial rednecks! Antoine makes all the necessary arrangements…
Price: depending on what is done.