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You thought Parisians are witty, arrogant, bitching about everything and anything, obsessed with food and culture, and always up for discussion? Well... you're perfectly right! And you're on the right page to check it out.

espace Dali

Dali fait le mur, when Street art dances with Surrealism in Montmartre

If l’Espace Dali is France’s largest collection of pieces by the surrealist master, most Parisians do not even know about its existance. That may change with this surprising Street Art exhibition. What if Salvador Dali was still alive? Would he meet with the freshest Street Artists? and if he did, what would this encounter look [...]

Fred le chevalier

the Paris authorities and their Street Art Schizophrenia

As Fred le Chevalier got busted in Menilmontant while posting a huge drawing, it is time to take a moment and look at how the City judges street art today. It should have been a nice day. An art amateur contacted Fred le Chevalier, one of Paris’s most emblematic colleur, to attend and document one [...]


A keep-art-weird manifesto: Hey!

An alternative voice is slowly, yet surely, stepping out of the contemporary art chaos. Hey! Magazine forces France to contemplate the other side of art. I know I am often complaining about the official art scene, but that is because I usually fail to feel emotions in front of it. Not that I don’t like [...]


the art market and the middle class: an impossible encounter?

Paris is definitely seen as an art destination. But only a few Parisians buy arts. Could street art change this trend? Let’s be frank: people do not buy art anymore. At least as they did before. While in the past centuries, anybody with a little money or status would commission artists for portraits and visit art [...]


A new artist squat arises in Paris: le BLOC!

Creative, ambitious, huge… Le BLOC is the new artistic lighthouse of the City of Lights As some old famous squats are about to disappear from Paris’s artistic landscape, such as la Miroiterie or la Kommune, a group of artists found a huge hidden gem… And huge it is. Seven floors. 4 basements. 7000 square meters. [...]

paris museum

Why can’t museums simply be museums ? A closer look at the contemporary exhibitions outbreak

Most of Paris’s major museums play a new game : they use their traditional museum space as a temporary exhibition hall. But is it really their job ? Lately, most travellers going to Versailles are often shocked by what they find there. As they enter the glorious royal residence, looking for 17th century cutting-edge decors and 18th [...]

rude parisian

Mon Dieu! Parisians are nice, smiling and helpful! What happened to the arrogant Parisians?

Most foreign travelers come to Paris expecting Parisians to be rude and arrogant, and return with a totally different vision of the City of Light’s locals… What happened? If there is a famous and global cliché about Parisians, it’s definitely their distant, almost rude persona that has been noticed all around the planet. How many [...]

Islamic Arts Louvre

The Islamic Art department of the Louvre reopens in a cutting-edge architecture.

The world’s largest museum was missing part of its collection in the last years: 1500 years of exquisite islamic art was held concealed in the vault while millions were spent for a new presentation. The Islamic Art collection of the Louvre contains almost 20 000 pieces, and makes it one of the richest and most [...]

murals of la kommune

La Kommune, the end of a wonderful street art utopia in Paris

After decades of hosting part of the Paris street art scene, the old factory is bound to disappear to be turned into regular appartements. As a very architecturally consistent city, Paris doesn’t offer so many spots for street artists. Vacant lots, or even just plain walls, are not as common in Paris as they are [...]


A great Summer of Street Art in Paris!

Paris can be seen as a very conservative city, even a museum city. Yet its street art scene is one of the most fascinating in the world… here is an example: The beauty with street art is that it’s temporary. So one can walk the same street in two different seasons, and see very different [...]