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Discovering Paris with a Parisian, that seems to be a great idea, but you probably would like to know more about that very special Parisian…

Antoine is a born and raised Parisian, who literally grew up under the Eiffel tower. The City of Lights is his playground, and he knows and enjoys all of its hidden corners and lost paths, above and below ground.

He studied Economics at Dauphine university in Paris, while following some Art History classes at the Ecole du Louvre (at the time he never thought he would use it!), and then he took an MBA in Louisiana.

After working in New Orleans in the music industry, and spending over 10 years in France and in Brussels in the advertising industry, he has decided to break his chains from the computer screens that had enslaved him, and to acquire freedom and the most beautiful office in the world: Paris.

To take visitors to secret places is not his only job; he is also an interpreter for the Paris Court House. So, like Batman, he leads two lives… one among the splendors of French architecture and culture, and another one, mostly at night, in the Police stations… A way to be both on stage and backstage!

Other important features of your guide are his love for Architecture, Music (from 17th century classical to cutting-edge alternative), History, art and street art, food (else he wouldn’t be French!) and wine.

He also is a writer, a blogger, a urban explorer, a huge traveler, and even more…

Antoine also works well with kids, which is not the case of every guide. He might be the only one to trigger a 6yo’s interest with 12th century Gothic architecture!

He is usually in Avignon around July 14th for the theater festival, and in Burning Man, Nevada, for Labor Day.

He now lives in Montmartre…

But the best way to find out who Antoine is remains to spend some time with him… You might be just a few clicks away!


Antoine in 10 Paris spots…

Montmartre – Catacombes – The Court House – the Canal – the Metro – The Opera House – The Palais de Tokyo – Pierre Hermé – Jardin des Plantes – Keith Haring’s triptych in a 16th century church…