First timers

Montmartre Tour 1/2 Day

Let's go above the city in this one-of-a-kind neighborhood. Montmartre is a world of its own, with its village streets, its lost artist studios, its incredible churches. It's true, there's a lot of tourists up there, but they sure do not know where to look. Take advantage of being with Antoine, who lives there, to push the doors and explore Paris's highest hill, and enjoy seeing these flocks of tourists going the wrong way!

180€ up to 4 persons

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Old Paris Tour 1 Day

This tour is perfect for a first encounter with the City of Lights. Starting in the center of Paris, it creates the ideal frame to build a good understanding on how the city was made, and what makes it so special. Covering more than 2,000 years of History, from the Celtic tribes and the Romans to the end of the Nazi occupation and the student revolution, it will take you along the old streets of Paris, through lost churches and shops with a soul, on a journey that will make you fall in love with Paris. Unveil the secrets of Notre-Dame, discover what makes the Latin Quarter so special, take a hike with the philosophers in their favorite cafés, etc.

240€ up to 4 persons

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The Marais Tour 1 half day or 1 full day

Probably the most well preserved part of Paris, and the place where a guide comes in handy. So many monuments, so many places, so many shops, hidden palaces and magical backstreets... But impossible to get a real taste of such a unique neighborhood without a guide! Let Antoine take you in that dream and make you discover the magic of it.

180€ or 240€ up to 4 persons

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Other ideas:

St Germain des Prés (½ day): Paris’s oldest church, in a neighborhood totally eaten by rich resident but that still offers a lot of genuine things and places to discover.


The Champs-Elysées (½ day): Take a walk from the Louvre to the Arc and discover the History of the most famous street in the world, its glory and, I’m afraid, its shortcomings…


The Père Lachaise cemetery (½ day): There’s life besides Jim Morrisson, and all these graves will prove it to you. Come spend a half day with an outrageous number of famous people, in the maze of the Parisian city of the deads. Antoine will take them back to life for you!


And a lot more, of course, from Versailles to the Catacombes…