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the Tour Paris 13 makes Paris the world street art capital in October

With the energy of a little street art galerie of the 13th district, Galerie Itinerrance, a whole tower building has been given out to street artists before it gets tore down at the end of the month. A must-see.

The question buzzing in Paris these days is “how long is the wait?”.  2 hours for lucky ones. 4 hours for warriors. But it’s worth it. In the far east of Paris, along the Seine river, the once sad looking project tower explodes in the Paris skyline ,with bright orange tears and Elseed calligraffy on the side. Dozens of world class street artists have been allowed to take possession of the tower, now offering over 30 apartments fully decorated by them. In a very short time: the Tour Paris 13 is bound to be taken down in November. Hence the rush.

A few block away, Mehdi Ben Cheikh smiles in his art gallery. While all of the beautiful paintings by INTI have already been sold, he can simply enjoy the constant buzz in the media about the Tour Paris 13, a project he created. He even managed to have the townhall (mind you!) dub October “street art month” in Paris!

If you are in the City of Lights, make a point to take a few hours and go see the Tour Paris 13. It’s true, it’s a long wait. The tower can only take 49 persons at a time, for safety reasons. But it’s just incredible.




Us, at Paris with a Parisian, got a chance to visit it at night with a beer, and it was a blast. Here are a few pictures of what’s to see inside. And of course, if you want to see Paris street art in its natural environment, do not hesitate to take a tour!