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bistro Poulbot

At le Bistro Poulbot, contemporary cuisine bumps into traditional French

In this little neighborhood venue, hidden in steep rue Lamarck behind Montmartre, chef Lorenzo Torrini fools around the codes of old French cuisine to enhance it. If Bistro Poulbot is called like this, it’s because it really is a little bistro, with its little counter and it’s blackboard menu swinging everywhere. In the dim red [...]

Nansouty Fresh Mozzarella on pasta Risotto

Le nansouty, a genuine neighborhood restaurant and a hidden gem

As most tourists will focus on the south side of Montmartre, the north is attracting more and more amazing food talents. Opened in a former boulangerie on what used to be le village Ramey (a typical montmartre street covered with vegetable carriages back in the early 1900s), le Nansouty offers a choice of over 100 [...]

Gilles Choukroun

MBC – Gilles Choukroun, a taste of authenticity in a fake district

C’est vrai, the headline is a bit provocative, but the 17th district, towards Porte Maillot, is not at all my cup of tea. Yet, a few genuine restaurants are to be found among the expensive dumps for rich tourists, Parisian nouveaux riches and Neuilly conservatives, and Gilles Choukroun probably opened the most interesting of them. [...]


Derrière, or where to be cool and to be seen in Le Marais

In a quaint courtyard of a 300 year old building, Derrière offers creative food and ambiance to a crowd of trendy Parisians. I have been thinking about visiting Derrière (which means back or bottom in French) for almost two years now. It is one of these secret places that you know deserves a visit. The [...]

compagnie de bretagne

La Compagnie de Bretagne, a wonderful place to indulge in the best crêpe experience.

That restaurant is now closed… Nested deep in the left bank, the elegant Compagnie de Bretagne offers an oustanding crêpe menu where Brittany’s best ingredients mix with a top French chef’s savoir-faire. One more crêperie, in a neighborhood that is already packed with them. And rightly so: crêpes are the perfect, cheap meal for students [...]


Le Braisenville, your place for a hype gastronomical Tapas experience!

Fusion food, here we come! As Paris wants sometimes to sound like New York, in the SOPI area (for South Pigalle), a trendy tapas joint serves exquisite food…   In a constant scooter ballet, unshaven Parisian guys and elegant Parisian gals keep on coming and going rue Condorcet to this artsy venue that mixes high [...]


Unico, a meat temple where Paris bumps into Buenos Aires

Although France has great beef, it is not always easy to find good steaks in the City of Light… This old Butcher’s shop is definitely a solution for red meat cravings! Charolais, Salers, you will bump into French beef in Paris. But not always. And -often, unfortunately- you will end up with a rather disappointing [...]

Ze Kitchen Galerie

Ze Kitchen Galerie, a constant foodie vernissage on the left bank.

In the world’s most Michelin starred street, William Ledeuil and his team create a unique, light, healthy fuzzion gastronomy. Rue des Grands Augustins, in the Odeon area, is the food Mecca of cuisine connoisseurs. It is like a short but intense rosary of Michelin stars, this precious jewel chefs work hard to get. And among [...]

le Coq Rico

Le Coq Rico, or when the French cockerel conquers Montmartre

Up on Paris’s most celebrated hill, everybody gossips about this new poultry centered restaurant. Duck Foie Gras dumpling in a broth, eggs « Russian style », baked Poitou pigeon or roasted Challans farm guinea fowls makes of this new Montmartre venue a ornithological gastronomy academy. And Montmartre is such a good choice for its location, as the [...]