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With Vieux Frères, Fauve’s human emotions blast the system

Suddenly, 5 kids launched a salvation bomb. With deep samples and bullet-speed incantations, Vieux Frères forces you to see beyond the Matrix and calls all of us to break free. Radical. The following chronicle might be slightly frustrating, as it is impossible to describe Vieux Frères without talking about the meaning of the lyrics, and [...]

Yodelice Square Eyes

Yodelice comes back with a soulful “Square Eyes”

After” Cardoid” in 2010 which shaked the French music scene, Maxim Nouchy, aka Maxim Nucci, aka Yodelice, strikes again with a new eerie album. It’s amazing how a Banlieusard, born in Créteil in the late 70s, can grasp the spirit of anglo-saxon music. Of course, Yodelice studied in London, and goes back to the UK [...]

Wax Tailor

Wax Tailor offers a childhood tale, in his own way…

With “Dusty Rainbow from the Dark”, the French trip-hop alchemist proves again that he can turn vintage into gold.  Wax Tailor is no longer a secret. Since 2007 and his magistral “Hope and Sorrow” he has conquered the world and has taken the seat of one of the most famous downtempo composer. His mixes going [...]


The French Touch visits the 80s : Hop on in Kavinsky’s red car

Air, Justice or Daft Punk are the big notorious names of the French Touch, that special electronica movement that mixes digital rythm and smooth melodies in a typical French way. With « Outrun », Kavinsky shows he belongs to the movement, but he has something more to offer.   Born Vincent Belorgey in 1975, Kavinsky comes from [...]

la Femme

La Femme surfin’ on the Seine !

Of all the crazy unexpected things that could come from France, La Femme’s electro-surf rock is probably the most surprising. They’re young. They’re French. They come from Paris (the attitude), from Biarritz (the surfing spot), from Brittany (the crêpes… ahem.) They rock. And everybody’s wondering who they are. That sound rings a bell. Several bells [...]


The musical journeys of Rover, a French sound adventure…

With a magistral first album, Rover proves that good music is not the priviledge of the English world. You might think of David Bowie, Brian Wilson or Interpol when you listen to Rover for the first time. And you will be right, as these are the giants on which he builts his songs. But not [...]


LESCOP, or a lesson of cold wave à la française

As most French bands nowadays decide to sing in English, LESCOP proves that not only pop does sound good in French, but it can open the doors to beautiful and dark landscapes… LESCOP, aka Mathieu Peudupin, is not a one hit wonder. With a little less than a decade of music behind him, he has [...]


New summits to be explored by musical expedition: Sommet climbs Mount Everest in 7 songs…

Funny how the most incredible things can be achieved in a Paris studio. French duet Sommet just managed to recreate the eerie feelings of a whole alpine adventure with their electronic sounds. Allez, let’s be overly enthusiast about this outstanding achievement, and let’s directly start with an outrageous comparison: It would be possible to say [...]


Bang Bang. Revolver shoots again; the bullet goes right in Melody’s heart.

For their second album, the Parisian trio confirms their leadership in complex arrangements, and push Pop de Chambre to the front fo the stage… It probably started discretely, in some Paris garrets, in some café basement, in a cousin’s garden. Ambroise Willaume had a guitar, Christophe Musset also, and Jérémie Arcache a cello. And they [...]