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You thought Parisians are witty, arrogant, bitching about everything and anything, obsessed with food and culture, and always up for discussion? Well... you're perfectly right! And you're on the right page to check it out.

New hopes for the end of a costly war on drugs

After Colorado, Uruguay just legalized Cannabis and the state will organize its trade. Are we finally reaching the age of wisdom on drugs?   We all have the advertising campaigns, the official messages stuck in our head, on how drugs, all drugs are equally dreadful for us. We know most countries on the planet are […]


Is Gluten an American problem or a worldwide scandal?

Gluten allergies and coeliac disease seems to be a growing issue in the US, while it remains widely ignored in France and most of Europe. Are Americans aware of something we don’t know, or is it just a fad? Ah Paris! Les bistros! Les cafés! Les Brasseries!! That is definitely one of the top five […]