La Défense Tour 1/2 Day

Discover Europe's largest business district: La Défense As Paris hosts 28 million visitors, a lot of them also come for business, and if you do, chances are you will go to La Défense at one point. But besides the usual office towers, la Défense is an utterly interesting neighborhood of Paris and an open air museum that deserves a guided tour. From the scultures of Miró to the cutting edge architecture of the Grande Arche, find out about the 400 years of urbanism of the economic lung of the City of Lights. And if you are to work in La Défense, you can also get an appartment there with Home in La Défense, the appartment of my college friend Lionel. A good way to live the Parisian life without the commuting!

180€ up to 4 persons

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Street Art Tour 1/2 Day

Let's get off the beaten path to get a new vision of the Capital of France. In the old worker's districts of Paris, on the eastern hills, discover a totally different city, with its parks and it's waterways, and explore what is probably the most important form of art of our era: Street Art. From murals to stencils, get ready to be amazed by the Paris scene, and to change your own vision on art!

180€ up to 4 persons

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Jewish History Tour 1 day

Learn about the long and complex history of jewish people in Paris, from the first Yeshiva in the 10th century to the current Sefardic culture.

240€ up to 4 persons

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Other ideas:

Contemporary architecture ½ day: Is Paris a museum city, stuck in its brilliant past? Come investigate by yourself, in some of the newest part of the City of Lights, where you might well find tomorrow’s monuments…


Haussmann City: As off 1850, Baron Eugène Haussmann is hired to destroy the old Paris and create the outstanding city that became so touristy. Come discover the monuments of the Right Bank, the buildings dedicated to business and money, that made him famous and copied worldwide.


High class living in the 1870s ½ day: Around the Parc Monceau, discover the mansions and the habits of the 19th century bourgeois, the Rothschild or the Bonaparte princes… A walk with style!


La Mode!! your fashion tour ½ day: Always wonder what was so special about Paris and fashion? Well come see the world of design and luxury, and understand why Milan or London will never catch Paris!!


Paris under the occupation ½ day: A darker walk to evoke that terrible past, when Parisians where lost, afraid, and sometimes astray to sell their souls. A walk that will change your understanding of that era…


And much more ideas, upon request! Paris in the 17th century, Medicine in Paris, La Défense business district, etc