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You thought Parisians are witty, arrogant, bitching about everything and anything, obsessed with food and culture, and always up for discussion? Well... you're perfectly right! And you're on the right page to check it out.

Le Braisenville, your place for a hype gastronomical Tapas experience!

Fusion food, here we come! As Paris wants sometimes to sound like New York, in the SOPI area (for South Pigalle), a trendy tapas joint serves exquisite food…


In a constant scooter ballet, unshaven Parisian guys and elegant Parisian gals keep on coming and going rue Condorcet to this artsy venue that mixes high quality food and some kind of a southern laid-back atmosphere.

The place itself does not really look Parisian. Brut walls, a huge sexy, almost S&M artistic photography on one wall, bright colors and a semi-open kitchen: you could be in Brussels, London, LA or Hong Kong. You can even sit at the bar to eat! And the menu confirms that you are in a globalized world: you are in a Tapas place. Tapas? A Paris? Mon Dieu…

Well, we remain in Paris, therefore le Braisenville is not going to get away with a few squids swimming in olive oil or a potato omelet named tortilla. No senior.  Don’t look for any Spanish tradition here; Tapas only refers to the concept, not the food: Portions are simply too small to be called « courses » and therefore you are expected to share them, and take more than 2 of them to feed yourself.

The Tapas menu addresses all kinds of food and all parts of the world. Although it is not specifically Spanish, the chef understood that the best ham is to be found in Iberia, and offers a selection of cold meats including Pata Negra, this exquisite ham caviar. The plancha (a barbecue) is also present, and the grilled veggies are a must try. Then the fish and the meats, the broth and the ceviches invite you to a pleasure dance to explore new grounds. Because a special attention is set on the ingredient, of course, but also on bringing creative ways of mixing flavors and preparing the food. From the Italian Burrata to the Scottish Angus steak, you will travel the whole world in a couple of hours.

Desserts are tapas also, and with a short selection, they manage to offer enough surprise and sweetness to perfectly end the orgy. At around 11€ a portion, you can expect a tab of 60€ per person with wine. A bit expensive, maybe, but well worth the voyage, especially if, like me, you like to sample a lot of different things. The best way is to show up with 6 friends and simply order the whole menu (Beware however not to take the whole Angus rib, which is not a tapas. The Angus also exist in Tapas…). Then let the magic happens, let the plates swing around the table, and let the battle begin: everybody want the last piece of this, or that…

Now can we consider le Braisenville as a typical Parisian restaurant? Well, not if you are looking for a bistro. But if you are looking for original and perfect ways of cooking, and that typical fashionable, stylish Parisian twist, yes, it is an all-Parisian restaurant. But there’s nothing as rewarding as checking it for yourself!


Le Braisenville

36 rue Condorcet

75009 Paris

Tel: 09 50 91 21 74

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