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LESCOP, or a lesson of cold wave à la française

As most French bands nowadays decide to sing in English, LESCOP proves that not only pop does sound good in French, but it can open the doors to beautiful and dark landscapes…

LESCOP, aka Mathieu Peudupin, is not a one hit wonder. With a little less than a decade of music behind him, he has proven his talent and quality, and has taken a particular niche in the French music world. A niche that used to be taken by Taxi Girl or Metal Urbain a long time ago, something that was between Joy Division and the Cure…

With ASYL, a first dark Punk band, LESCOP already developed, during 7 years and 4 albums, a typical slower and evil French rock enhancing the windiness of the soul and a rather pessimistic view on mankind. After which he decided to keep on digging deeper in bizarre by going solo.

The result is an acclaimed work that found his public right away. The sophistication of the beat, the crepuscular tunes as well as this provocative, epic yet gloomy poetry surprised and convinced both Paris and the world that something -something terrible, obsessed and destructive- has been released, for our own twisted pleasure. And it was the perfect timing, as the solo eponymous album LESCOP was released right before Fashion Week. And maybe you noticed that the trend this winter is definitely to cold wave: dark skinny pants, heavy makeup, nails and chains, weird trendy Mohawks. LESCOP became the perfect soundtrack for this sad & stylish event, and was even chosen by Balenciaga for their défilé.

But the music goes further, and through 11 songs we are being taken to a despair yet resigned world, where an unleashed nature (le vent, la forêt, la nuit) and an even wilder human nature (le rêve, l’hypnose) invade and destroy our civilized side (Los Angeles, Paris, Tokyo, Ljubjana). A very consistent piece that leaves a bittersweet taste and a strong desire to go back, to contemplate, fascinated, the distortion of our subconscious. The very name of LESCOP’s label, “Pop Noire”, says it all….

Don’t be afraid, it looks filthy, but you will love it… It really becomes you…

Let’s just meet in the woods: LESCOP – La Forêt